Wedding photography Tauranga

Wedding photography Tauranga. RAIN – the four lettered word no bride wants to deal with on their special day. Our fun loving, easy going couple are living proof that a rainy wedding day doesn’t necessarily ruin things for your wedding photos!

When the day started to turn a little sour with rain clouds ahead, our couple just took it in their stride. A wet day didn’t stop the fun and beautiful wedding photos in Tauranga for our couple. There are so many things a wet day can bring to the table when it comes to your wedding imagery. Not only beautifully muted colourings, but it brings an effervescent tone to the day that is just not achieved on those typically sunny days. Not often is it discussed the perks of a rainy wedding day, but believe us – there really are some! Overall, relaxed, beautiful and timeless wedding photography – we absolutely love the way this shoot turned out.

Papamoa videographer and photographer

A rainy wedding day is thought to bring good luck to the couple, with blessings including fertility and the promise of a long lasting marriage. Not only this but it is said to symbolize the washing away of previously bad times, a wedding day cleanse so to speak! Rainy days like this keep ourselves and other professional vendors on our toes – who doesn’t need a little test once in a while?! And while most people won’t quite believe us… It’s actually kind of fun! Yes, we said fun. Some of the best shoots we have had have been in typically terrible weather (including cyclones!). For some reason it really puts everyone in a more daring, exploratory mood when it comes to their photo shoot. We have even had full bridal parties succumb to the wet and jump fully into the lakes.

The photos that result from these rainy day shoots are always so romantic (think The Notebook), full of passion and misty skies. These qualities are just something you cannot achieve on a sunny day. And not to mention the props – who doesn’t love props? Come prepared with striking umbrellas and even perhaps some gumboots to really set the scene. Your day will be really memorable for all involved, you certainly won’t be forgetting it and neither will your guests! And all done well, you will look back and think your rainy wedding day really made it – not ruined it!