Wedding photographer and videographer Rotorua

Pre wedding photo shoot New Zealand. Starting off in the Rotorua Gardens at the heart of the town central. Here we captured some classic Rotorua wedding images and video, including the often revered sculptures, rose gardens and the iconic Government House and museum. Afterwards we took our couple out to the Rotorua surrounds and were able to include the Blue Lake.

Pre wedding photo shoot NZ

Because we had such fantastic weather, we combined our many cameras on the ground with the drone for some aerial footage. Afterwards we then moved on to Wai-O-Tapu, a geo thermal nature park – full of all the natural wonders of the local area. Here we incorporated some of New Zealand’s most unique scenery, in the form of the unbelievable and sometimes eye watering, natural geysers. Being one of the few places in the country to have such large and impressive geysers, our couple took full advantage of this and indulged in a guided tour of Wai-o-tapu. Luckily enough we were able to join them on the tour to grab some snaps of the lovely moments between them. They were so amazed by all the impressive bubbling pools and steam everywhere – for them it really was like stepping into a whole other time. Good luck for you wedding you guys!

Wedding photographer Rotorua

Nuance has many affiliations and contacts throughout New Zealand, so organizing you a wedding shoot in this very unique and naturally stunning area of is easy. Want to explore some more? Having a guided tour means you get the best of the area explained as we go around. Other than this, we can control the crowds so you maximize you privacy and photo opportunities. Our fun and relaxed style is just perfect for these kinds of shoots.Want to know more?