Cathedral Cove wedding photography

Cathedral Cove wedding photography and your wedding. One of the countries most popular destinations. Who doesn’t love taking a boat to your wedding destination?¬†Hayley and Darren traveled to Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel to have their own perfect elopement. Being a world renowned spot, Cathedral Cove was a must have for this couple, who came all the way from England to become husband and wife.


Wedding photography and videography Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove is a natural wonder that has wowed many thousands, if not millions of visitors every year. At peak times of the year it can get up to 3,000 people on the beach. We can advise you when and when not to get married here. It’s pure popularity is made even greater by the option to either walk 45 minutes down a track, or get a small water taxi from Hahei Beach. Being a little hard to get to makes it a more exciting destination.

We always opt for the water taxi when it comes to advising our clients. If they are super keen, the option to walk in is always there. This happened recently with a same sex wedding we arranged. The weather can play a big part in the water taxi being able to land on the beach. It is exposed to the open ocean, so if the east coast swells are running, Cathedral Cove is walk in access only. For this reason we suggest this venue for eloping couples only and a back up plan be made in case of bad weather. Not matter the weather, we can customize a plan to make sure your wedding comes together on the day. This very special beach looks great in all conditions.

Cathedral Cove videographer

If you would like to know more about Cathedral Cove and how you can marry in this unique location, email us for more details.