Queenstown wedding video

Queenstown wedding video, drone and photography can be a great addition to your wedding package. It will add a very cool dynamic to your wedding day and often become a highlight for guests. If you want something to add drama to your end product, then this could be exactly what you are looking for.

From giant love hearts and group shots to stunning images and video of your venue really does add a unique element to highlight your wedding video. Adding this unique feature to your wedding day lets us capture the nuances of your day from every angle.

Queenstown wedding video

Wedding drone Queenstown

Queenstown wedding video including drone featuring stunning aerials of New Zealand’s most remarkable landscapes is a great addition to your wedding video. Places such as Queenstown or Wanaka are perfect for showing off your wedding location. Showing off the terrain in which you were wed to family and friends not only in person, but in your video as well. We can use our drones to¬†personalize your imagery and show panoramic views of your vineyard, beach side wedding etc.

Recent drone video

Below is some examples of work using drone and the picturesque scenery it captures. Adding an extra element to your wedding video, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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