Coromandel beach weddings and venues

Coromandel eloping packages – Hoa and Colin were married amoungst the blue skies and rolling beaches at secluded Lonely Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula. A day entirely organised by us, we absolutely loved planning this small, intimate wedding with our couple in mind. It was an amazing day with a small guest list of ten which saw a lovely intimate wedding and dinner at Salt Restaurant to complete the evening with family and friends. Everyone had a fantastic day together, with both sides of the family there to support Hoa and Colin and see them finally become husband and wife! Their two young, gorgeous kids were there with them for the day as flower girl and page boy.

Coromandel eloping packages complete for your convenience

Afterwards we sent the family packing so we could get down to the important part – the creative shoot! It is one of the few times during the wedding day the couple can just chill and relax with one another. Sometimes during the wedding day it can feel as though the bride and groom hardly get any chance at all to see each other and just enjoy one anothers company. The creative shoot can be the best time to take a breather and really remember why you’re here together and get the romance fully going! For the shoot we took advantage of the beautiful natural surrounds of Lonely Bay, it really is just a cove full of wonderful photo opportunities. Here you can get the beautiful beachy photos alongside some picturesque landscapes, as well some photos in the long grass which adds some variation to your wedding imagery.

Making the most out of your wedding day in the Coromandel

We loved planning this small wedding and our couple were so much fun! For more information on how Nuance Photography can plan your eloping wedding in the Coromandel, Lonely Bay or Cathedral Cove, find out more here.